Need access to business funds? Have you considered invoice financing?

There are many ways to unlock cash from within your business, Invoice Financing via our confidential invoice discounting service is one of them. Probably the most cost-effective way to release cash from the invoices you raise. 


Customer invoices client and sends a copy to the lender.


Lender will find up to 90% of the invoice value.


The client settles the invoice into a trust account. (In your name)


Funds are transferred to the lender.


The lender will pay 10% back to you minus fees.

About Invoice Financing

There are many ways to unlock cash from within your business, Invoice Financing via our confidential invoice discounting service is one of them. Probably the most cost effective ways to release cash from the invoices you raise. You only pay for the money you use, you have total control over the cash you use, when you use it and how it is used in your business. Our service is totally confidential, the service is between you and us.

As a bespoke Invoice Financing provider, we are more adaptable than the more mainstream finances. Whatever your business financing needs, Invoice Financing can provide the funds to see your business expand with the minimum of fuss. Our invoice financing solutions provide the most cost effective finance as well as the support to see your growth or funding needs fully serviced. We can unlock cash from your invoices quickly and efficiently, from all your client base or from a select or single client. It is available to new and established businesses.

With access to as much as 90% of the invoice value that you raise on the day you raise the invoice, invoice discounting provides the cash to grow your business. Never again will you be concerned over growing your business, we will support you ever step of the way. Invoice discounting is completely flexible and will adapt around your business. Unlike traditional funding methods; you only pay for the money you need.

The process is simple and effective, once your set up with Fosse each invoice you raise is sent over to our team, from there you can instantly have access to the agreed limit and have cash in your bank within the day. When your client pays your invoice the money is returned, interest is charged based on your daily needs, and fees are paid each month.

Depending on the bespoke solution that is created, our team will provide all the support and assistance you need to effectively manage and grow your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty much every business can benefit from invoice financing, we consider all applications fully and work in a range of business sectors. As a bespoke provider we have the ability to service more businesses than your main stream lenders. However we can only provide Invoice Financing to businesses that sell to other businesses, for those who provide business to consumer goods we have other financing possibilities so let our team do the hard work for you and get in touch.
How much will Invoice Finance cost?

There are two fees, one is a service fee based on your turnover. Typically 0.5% to 3%.

Interest charged on funds outstanding typically 1.5% to 4% above base rate.

Invoice finance is probably one of the lowest cost financing options for business to business sales, typically the overall annual financing rates are between 2% and 4%.

  • Invoice financing is a confidential arrangement, which means that your customers will not know that you’re using a finance house independently, which can help maintain your reputation.
  • The cash amount available is reactive to your sales ledger, meaning there is no need to worry about outgrowing the available cash.
  • As a bespoke service there are various useful “bolt-ons” available, which free up your time as business owners.
  • The invoice financier will take on the responsibility to look after your sales ledger which means the business owner can have more time to focus on the business.
  • Invoice finance allows you to maintain a good relationship with your customers, as you can fulfil larger orders on time without worrying about cash flow and working capital problems.
  • It can provide significantly more cash than a traditional bank loan or overdraft.
  • Invoice discounting does not rely on you owning any assets to act as security. This is a huge advantage over bank loans as not every business owner owns a property or high value assets to be used as security.
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  • Private investing
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